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Golddoge Sachs Introduces The First Crypto ETF Accessible To Everyone

Golddoge Sachs Introduces The First Crypto ETF Accessible To Everyone

FRANKFURT, Germany, August 20, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoldDog Sachs, the first leveraged index, allows users to invest in an exclusive range of top diversified assets, such as mutual funds, with the best expected returns. The cryptocurrency market uses the average dollar value (DCA), keeping only the best returns.

Technology reaches new heights every day, everything has a financial return. But despite all the progress, the cryptocurrency sector still has a lot to do. Think of an investment banker who regularly trades stocks in the market. There is a product or service for every financial need. He uses ETFs. But, as a cryptocurrency enthusiast, he found that he had a lot of work to do there. He is forced to do with his share what he did not do himself.

One such investment banker, who calls himself “Moby” in the crypto space, came up with the idea of ​​a crypto brokerage platform that would return 633% APY on secure crypto investments and named it Golddog Sachs.

Principles and Practice of GoldDog Sachs

A user buys a Golddoge Sachs token (in GDS USD) and ultimately that purchase creates an investment basket that buys 14 cryptocurrencies, including absolute base currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, and more.

With a constant trading volume, the investment basket continues to expand. Over time, these investments generate income as the crypto market grows. These profits are periodically withdrawn and paid to the owner by redemption in USD GDS. So the token repeats the result.

As demand for a token increases, so does the value of the token, creating a small but effective leverage effect.

The token was launched by the Blue Chip ETF and was originally available exclusively on Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). But Moby says there are additional chains and other types of ETFs planned, so there's something for everyone. Users only need a wallet like an exchange and don't need an account.

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Ecosystem GoldDog and Tokenmix

Golddoge Sachs is on a safe path to success based on broad diversification, knowledge and DCA.

Golddoge Sachs protects user investments in the following ways:

  • The investment basket acts as insurance against financial losses.

  • Signature design against wobble

  • Anti-bot tax

  • Conditions for anti-sniper work

  • Protection of bots in society

  • Maximum transactional anti-money laundering rules

  • Maximum Portfolio Matching Rule

  • Tokenmix

    Golddog Sachs levies a 15% tax on sales transactions, which is distributed as follows:

    The investment basket invests in the top 14 cryptocurrencies and users receive a return of profits at the end of the month. But since investments are attracted, users can expect to earn 3 times more than if they invested on their own.

    Investing with Golddoge Sachs is superior to private investing in every situation, as the success of their clients' investments is subsequently compounded by the success of their own schemes.

    For more information about Golddoge Sachs, visit the official website of the project or read the white paper.

    About Golddog Sachs

    Golddoge Sachs is a crypto ETF that allows users to invest in the top 14 cryptocurrencies using the $GDS token. With Golddoge Sachs Tokens, users receive stocks with regularly generated returns based on a top tier portfolio built around the best cryptoassets.

    Based solely on the performance of the crypto market and Golddoge Sachs combined leverage, a conservative annual return estimate is 600% per annum.

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    Denial of responsibility

    The information in this release is not investment advice, financial advice or trading advice. Due diligence is advised (including consulting a professional financial advisor before investing in or trading securities and cryptocurrencies).

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