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Leading Antiaging Event Set To Feature Blockchain As Part Of Core Programming

Leading Antiaging Event Set To Feature Blockchain As Part Of Core Programming

Cryptocurrency conferences continue to take the world by storm, original ideas, mainstream recreation and entertainment center for the masses, side events with world famous celebrities. By paying so much attention to this event, many organizations have realized their impact not only in promoting the cryptocurrency itself, but also in demonstrating the asset's usefulness in other areas.

Let's consider some examples. Come the Grammys in late 2022, the world looks to the prestigious music awards show as a venue for inspiring discussions about NFT. The World Economic Forum event in Davos ended with the power of blockchain and Web3.0. Events like these are raising the specter of what this means for the future of people outside of the cryptocurrency community.

The Longevity Science Foundation is another organization that recognizes the power of cryptocurrencies and discusses them at related events, such as the Aging Research and Drug Discovery (ARDD) conference, which supports longevity research. Now in its ninth year, the event will take place in Copenhagen from August 29 to September 2 and is expected to attract hundreds of physical and thousands of virtual attendees.

Here, new technologies are designed to play a central role in the program and at the same time show the details of the aging process.

Funding of scientific discoveries

Originally interested in understanding the underlying mechanisms of aging, including why people get sick, age, and why there is no other way, the ARDD conference has become a place to develop life-changing discoveries.

Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, one of the presenters of the show, shared one of these findings.

"One of the great advances in this field is that we can now accurately measure biological aging, which is called the biological clock. There are people who look younger or older than they are. We have different degrees of aging. we can measure. the person's age. By measuring different biomarkers, the biological levels... is a big improvement.” .

However, while Shebje-Knudsen initially focused on the basic science of longevity, she is no stranger to the role of business in getting out of the lab and into the test. Of course, this development requires capital, which incidentally has been a major impediment to much of the growth in this sector.

It's not just big pharma that's making the monetary difference. This growth is aided by the adoption of new technologies such as cryptocurrencies. ARDD's New Technologies Workshop includes discussion of new ways to support research and track progress using decentralized technologies. So, as part of the upcoming ARDD conference, attendees can focus on longevity science in medicine, venture capital for investors, and blockchain panels.

Learn more about the Longevity Science Foundation

As a result, Alex Javoronkov, CEO of Scheibye-Knudsen, artificial intelligence-based pharmaceutical company Ensilico and lead investor in Longgenesis, will join the company, which is known for using blockchain technology to facilitate data exchange. Doctor for examination and examination. Therefore, Javoronkov will be the first to apply new technologies to develop the field of sustainability and provide new financial opportunities.

Bringing the community together

Moving forward, ARDD will continue to bring people together to engage in productive discussions and advance important discoveries. Today, cryptocurrencies have established themselves as important players in funding research and tracking progress, and that's just scratching the surface.

Given the many synergies between these two sectors, as their respective interests develop, we hope that participation in the event, as well as the surrounding communities, will grow.

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