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Mario Ho Signs Up As Ambassador For Crypto Brand

Mario Ho Signs Up As Ambassador For Crypto Brand

Cryptocurrency app StormX has announced that professional poker player Maria Ho will be her brand ambassador. As the poker community's interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology continues to grow, its role will be to attract more players to the crypto market.

Mary Ho's role in StormX

As Ambassador, Maria Ho promotes StormX and appears in TV commercials. It's like a sponsorship deal as he uses the brand at every poker tournament he attends.

"Many well-known poker players and enthusiasts are often interested in cryptocurrencies and the digital asset space. StormX is a great bridge for those who are looking for an additional way to diversify and strengthen their portfolios and have previously invested only in cryptocurrencies. StormX is proud to become one of the most respected and innovative crypto companies,” says Maria Ho.

What is StormX?

StormX is a mobile app and browser extension that allows users to earn cryptocurrencies for online shopping. There are over 1,000 different stores available on the app, including eBay, Nike, and Samsung, and users can earn between 0.5% and 85% cash back when they make a purchase.

The brand has recently entered the poker community and if StormX wants to inspire players even more, their collaboration with Maria Ho is a good move. Earlier this year, the company partnered with PokerGO to host the StormX Invitation Poker tournament, the first of many high-profile poker events we hope the brand will host.

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One of the many benefits of poker has to do with cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency business has become very popular, it involves millions of people around the world. However, if there was one community that we could call more tolerant, it would definitely be poker players.

Daniel Katz is known for his interest in and investment in cryptocurrencies, which has no doubt inspired other poker players to get involved. In fact, he talked about the attractiveness of cryptocurrencies for poker players and gave some interesting ideas about why this might be the case.

“First of all, both are subject to high volatility, which creates an environment where risk management and bank management become critical. I think the speed of the crypto industry has attracted many poker players.”

No wonder so many poker pros have immersed themselves in the NFT scene. NFTs are created using the same programming as cryptocurrencies and are written to the blockchain, so these two types of technologies work on the same principles.

Phil Ivey teamed up with a shoe surgeon to develop the Moments NFT, and brands like PartyPoker and WPT have also experimented with the technology. Many poker players are addicted to the NFT trend, cryptopunk. Jeff Gross, Dan Smith, and Bill Perks are just a few of those who once changed their Twitter profiles to display NFTs, some of which are worth up to $400,000.

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However, being a brand ambassador for a crypto app is rare. Only Doug Polk ventured into this niche, albeit a short-lived venture that didn't pan out. That's why we wish Maria Ho the best of luck in her new role as a StormX Ambassador and look forward to seeing what her partnership brings to the poker community.

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