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‘No Login, No Sign Up: Meet Huddle01, A Decentralised Indian Alternative To Zoom

‘No Login, No Sign Up: Meet Huddle01, A Decentralised Indian Alternative To Zoom

One click meeting. Log in with Web3, create a site with a token gate and use NFT tokens. (Photo: Hangout01)

It's been years since many of us said goodbye to the office and started working from home. At this point, Zoom, Google Meet, and Groups have become an integral part of how we stay connected. "Huddle01" has become the platform of choice for people who want anonymity during video calls and believe in decentralization. This new Web3 video conferencing platform uses crypto marketplaces to create compelling social networks on the web and mobile devices.

Web3 is a decentralized web that challenges the dominance of tech giants by centralizing power and data in the hands of users rather than large tech companies. This means that the data is distributed over the network and no one party owns the data.

Hudl01 was created by two engineering students, Ayush Ranjan and Susmeet Lavanya, when all schools were closed during the Covid-19 and students were forced to attend classes online. "A big concern for students, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, is student performance," said 25-year-old Lavanya.

With Huddle01, users don't rely on a central server to maintain a connection, but instead you connect to a nearby host. In simple terms, the program is developed as a peer-to-peer video conference solution, which means a direct connection between two or more devices for real-time audio and video streaming.

Ranjan has reduced application latency to one-fifth of server applications like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. In video conferencing, lower latency means better video quality. To date, the company has hosted over 16,000 meetings with over 250,000 meeting minutes on Huddle01.

According to Ranjan, Huddle01 is better than centralized apps like Magnifier or Google because it cares about your privacy, which means it doesn't store your data so you can share anything with your friends. "No check in, no registration, just sit down to check out."

However, the application has a popular way of logging in, which is to link a wallet. We use crypto wallets to identify unique users, which means we can only store wallet addresses and do nothing with wallet addresses. Also, since the wallet is completely in the possession of the owner, we cannot find the wallet unless it is at their address, Lavanya said.

Ayush Ranjan, 27, is the co-founder and CEO of Huddle01, and Susmit Lavanya, 25, is the CTO and founder.

What makes Huddle01 unique is that anyone can host a meeting. “If you're in a Tier 2 city, it's natural that network latency is high, but what if someone from another state, like a metropolitan area, is providing your connection? This is only possible with blockchain,” explained Ranjan.

The company plans to provide economic incentives to its users by using cryptocurrency to secure calls on its network.

For Web3 enthusiasts, Huddle01 has built-in features for displaying NFTs. “…when you connect your crypto wallet to Huddle01 we have a feature where we get your NFT and you can select your favorite collection as your browsing profile. "We will soon be shipping AR NFT filters to hide your face while keeping you anonymous," Lavanya said.

NFT is no longer a JPEG, but a gateway to limited access to parades, parades, parties and productions. NFT is one of the most expressive primitives in Web 3. And since web3 is supported by the community, providing a token gateway is an important part of that.

In a few years, Huddle01 plans to transition from online conferencing with 2D screens to a virtual reality-based environment. "We are actively testing Oculus Quest 2 and plan to launch a beta product on how to host meetings in VR. It will take a few years to fully evolve from the current set of telecommunications technologies, but it will happen. There is a lot of innovation going on in the field of end-user devices to make it accessible to everyone." ” added Ranjan.

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